About NAMIR Ltd

Sax Repair NAMIR was formed in 1993 to provide a dedicated craft association for the profession of musical instrument repair. Members repair and make a wide range of instruments including: woodwind, brass, fretted and non-fretted strings, pianos and percussion instruments. The Association was incorporated in 2010 and became NAMIR Ltd - A Private Company Limited by Guarantee. Registered in England. Company No: 7346241. Members liability is limited to £1, this being the amount that each member undertakes to contribute in the event of it being wound up, for payment of the company’s debts and costs of winding up.

The objectives of the Association are:

  • • To encourage a high standard of workmanship and customer care
  • • To provide a means of information exchange on techniques and parts availability
  • • To publish a journal known as ‘The Intrepid Repairer’
  • • To arrange social and technical meetings
  • • To maintain a website

Instrument Repair
The Association is a non-profit making company that is run by a Management Committee of up to 12 members who are elected each year at the Annual General Meeting. Members of the Management Committee are not paid, nor can they claim reimbursement for anything other than out of pocket expenses for postage, stationery and printing costs etc. The subscription year runs from 1st October each year to the end of the following September. In the event of non-payment of a subscription by a member, a reminder will be sent out, however if the subscription has not been paid 4 months after it is due, then the membership will be lapsed.

Benefits of Membership:

  • • Information exchange and networking with other members
  • • Two meetings a year with speakers
  • • One or two technical visits per year
  • • Quarterly magazine - ‘The Intrepid Repairer’
  • • Website listing for Professional members
  • • A website notice-board and members’ forum.
  • • Use of the logo by Professional members

NAMIR Ltd holds an Annual General Meeting each autumn, where possible in a venue of interest to repairers.

Guest speakers are invited to discuss topics relevant to members’ interests. In addition there is a Spring Meeting with guest speakers.

NAMIR Ltd produces and circulates to all its members a quarterly journal, The Intrepid Repairer. This contains articles on a wide range of subjects such as :

  • • Reports on meetings and visits
  • • Profiles of members
  • • Technical articles on instrument repair and modification

Membership Categories:

Moulsford Student is for people in training on musical instrument repair or who have recently had training for a maximum of 5 years.

Professional is for members with the necessary skills and workshop facilities to meet the requirements of the Association. Members in this category will have acquired their skills through appropriate training courses or substantial practical experience.

Associate is for others who have an interest in the Association but do not necessarily repair instruments themselves – for example a shop or supplier of repair materials.

If you are interested in joining NAMIR Ltd, please see the 'Join us' page, or if you are just after further information about NAMIR Ltd, please see the ‘Contact us’ page.